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Movin' on

Football this weekend was poor. I reckon we'll try again next year.

Slow weekend, outside of the football. Ninsi and I mostly puttered around the house. On Saturday we went to dinner with Zero and Ehlana, then had drinks at Piranha Killer Sushi. Ive never eaten there, but I've had drinks there a couple times. And Reptile came over for a little while on Sunday to hang out.

That was pretty much it for us. Got a couple weeks til Halloween now. And the weather is starting to cool off nicely. I think we already know what we are wearing for Halloween, so no sewing to be done.

Today is Columbus Day. If you're Canadian, it is Thanksgiving. Ninsi and I have to figure out what we are doing for Thanksgiving this year. If my mom is not cooking a turkey, we may stay in Dallas and cook one ourselves. Maybe see if her dad wants to come up from Houston. I don't think it very likely that we will stay in Dallas though. I 'spect we'll wind up in OK for the holiday.

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