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Last week I mentioned that our friend Bill Arpin, known online as Khuul was battling colon cancer. The outlook at the time was not very good, and we were expecting that he would have a couple of months left. As it turns out, he only had a couple days. We received the phone call Friday evening that Bill had passed on.

By the time he was diagnosed with cancer last October, it had already spread to his liver. And it was those tumors which ultimately caused the biggest issues.

I am grateful that Ninsi and I went up to visit him last Tuesday while he was still coherent, instead of waiting for the weekend. His passing felt sudden to me, since it was not expected for several more weeks, at least. If you live long enough in these modern times, you will get cancer. I pretty much accept that. I do not consider 37 years 'long enough', not even by half.

Bill Aprin was my friend, and he will be missed.

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