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Ive been slacking a lot lately here.

It was nice and cold all weekend. We are more than way overdue for some cool Autumn weather. I do get a little tired of all the heat, sometimes. There will come a day when Im not a resident of the Dallas area. But there is the question of to where will I move? Tampa, Phoenix, LA? I would like some place that has an actual Winter. Ninsi would prefer the temp to never dip below 80.

I could be perfectly happy in a place like Boston. But I think that it falls into the 'nice place to visit in the Summer only' category.

I would really like to have a pinball machine. The Addam's Family is the one I would most enjoy. I used to play it all the time in college. Now, pinball machines are going the way of the Edsel. So, I need to make more money, buy a house with a dedicated game room, and then start buying pinball machines.

At least I have a plan now, right?

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