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December 1, 2008

Help control the pet population

Ninsi and I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with our families in Oklahoma. Mostly with hers. But we will spend most of Christmas with mine. It's a trade-off where no one really wins. Ninsi is thinking that next year, instead of messing around with the driving and the families and scheduling, that perhaps we should just take a cruise for a couple of days. We're going to put some serious thought into it.

Reptile checked on the dogs for us while we were gone. And for the most part, they behaved well. Nothing was destroyed when we came home. And only a couple things were outside that shouldn't have been. The one that takes things outside no longer really chews stuff up. He just takes it outside and leaves it there. That's a bonus.

They did, however, have one surprise for us. When we got home last night, both dogs were very excited to see us. And after the jumping and running was done, Barley went outside and started to bring in a new present for us - another dead cat.

This makes three cats that have been killed in our back yard. The last one was only three months ago, if that. There was no collar, again. So it was probably a stray. I would like to know which dog actually was doing it. One is very territorial, and the other is just strong in the jaw. It could be either. I'm developing quite the little pet cemetery, populated only neighborhood cats.

Also, the new TV still looks awesome.

December 3, 2008

Ants in a bog

Sometimes, I saw things that I dont really mean. For example, a couple years ago, Ninsi asked me if I wanted the DVD collection of the cartoon "The Tick." I must have misunderstood exactly what she was talking about, because I said 'No.' I didnt mean that, because I really love that cartoon. It was on Cartoon Network for a while, and I managed to DVR most of the episodes, but then we had to get a new DVR and I lost them all.

Im reminded of it today when Mo is telling of her breakfast. She mentions something called 'ants on a log' which I guess is a piece of celery with some peanut butter and raisins on it. Her breakfast was something like oatmeal, bananas, and raisins and something else. In her head she was calling it 'ants in a bog.' It immediately made me think of the Tick episode wherein some mucus from a very sick Tick is used to make a clone. At the end of the episode, the Tick purposefully mispronounces the antagonists name (Thrakazog) as:
Four ax in a bog
Lap lands a zog
Two laplanders and a dog

And because of Mo's Ants in a Bog breakfast, I suddenly want to watch The Tick again.

le sigh.

December 8, 2008


Ninsi and I bought our Christmas tree last week. It's standing in the living room looking, and smelling, all nice and green. We've yet to even start trimming it though. I think we'll get started on that tonight or tomorrow. Yesterday was the first day that we would have had time to bother with it since we got it, but by the time we were done with our errand running and grocery shopping, I dont think either of us felt like messing with the Christmas stuff.

I'm sure the dogs prefer us to not string up lights also. At least one of them is wary of cords. We think we may have chewed into a live one once upon a time as well. I also thought the dogs might have a chance at another cat this weekend. When I got up Sunday, there was a cat stalking through the lot next to us. I thought it might climb our fence and give the dogs some sport. And me a reason to get the camera. But it turned and went into my neighbor's yard instead. Probably for the best. I really didn't want to mess with another dead cat.

Little else going on for us. Christmas parties for work coming up and then Christmas itself. Followed by New Year's. I'm off the last week and a half of the year, which will make for a nice little vacation.

December 11, 2008

a Tree!

Ninsi and I bought a Christmas tree last week. Tuesday, I think. Brought it home, and put it up the same day. It is now Thursday of the following week, and our tree has exactly zero trimming. No lights, no bulbs, no ornaments or tinsel. But even without all of that, it actually looks pretty nice.

It is a well formed tree. We might get around to sprucing it up this weekend. (there's a pun in there somewhere, I just know it...) but maybe not. Because it looks just fine.

We also got the new sleigh bed put together in the bedroom. When we came back from Thanksgiving in OK, my mother sent the bed with us. It looks very nice. I do not know if it looks good because it is a nice wood sleigh bed, or just because it is something different in the bedroom. Either way, it is nice. We had to use my nephew's truck to bring it down, and will be heading back up to OK tomorrow to return that.

Saturday night we have to be back in Dallas though for dinner with the gang.

HOlidays, HOlidays, HOlidays...

December 16, 2008

Ice, ice, baby

I debated not coming into work today. But figured I should at least try. The weather dropped significantly yesterday, and there was a chance of precipitation, which could have made for some icy roads today. But when I got up, it looked fairly clean, so I came on in. I waited about an extra half hour just so other people trying to get to work by eight could get off the road. The roads coming in really were not very bad.

They have either gotten worse during the day, or the ice was just North of us. As I was going to lunch today on 183, I saw a Camaro just in front of me lose control on the overpass at Beltline. It slid across the highway and hit the barrier on the median. And started to slide back across when it was hit by a Cadillac that then slid out and went down the embankment on the other side of the road. I, and several others, stopped and checked on the people that went down the embankment. They apparently did a few spins on the way down, but did not flip or anything. I stayed around until the cops and ambulance showed up, then went on my way.

I took the access roads most of the way back to work so as to avoid the overpass completely. When I left the scene, there were two cop cars and one ambulance. As I was going back the other way after lunch, there were at least 8 cop cars and two fire engines. Most of the highway was completely blocked off.

December 17, 2008


Monday was a long day for me. Spend the whole morning on a conference call working an issue. Had a late lunch. I had barely returned from lunch when my manager told me the team was having an impromptu meeting with his boss.

Go to meeting, and I learn that the team is being split up. This is the second split in about 6 months. Me and four others are being moved to a new group. It was a complete surprise for most of us. I think that overall, it works out better for me. I'm moving to the development group and out of the support group. My job will change very little. At least for a while. I am the only one who really does development or support on this particular application anyway. Actually, I think my job responsibilities may have decreased.

It'll be a few weeks working out the particulars. Maybe a few months. Just in time for them to come back through again and split us up some more.

December 22, 2008

Time is near

This may very well be the last post for the year. I'm at work now and coming in tomorrow. Then I am off until the 6th of January, 2009. Ninsi and I will probably be heading up to OK tomorrow evening. Stay in McAlester overnight and then head on to Tulsa on Christmas Eve. We may change our plans a bit and wait until Wednesday morning to leave Dallas and just make the drive all the way up to Tulsa at once. I think it will depend on how much stuff we get done tonight. We're almost there.

It was a good weekend. I took off last Friday and got some errands ran that needed doing. Mainly getting new tires on my car. They were starting to get a little bald. I didnt get quite as many miles out of them as I should have, so the tire place gave me an $8 credit for each tire. Friday night we went out to Pan as we tend to do.

Saturday was Donut's birthday, and we got together for dinner. After that, Ninsi and I were meeting other friend's to watch the Lollie Bombs show. It was entertaining. But we didnt get out until after 1:30 I think and since I had been up early in anticipation of AT&T showing up, I was more than ready to home to bed.

One other thing we did Saturday was check out a new puppy. Ninsi has been wanting to get a small lapdog. We took both of our dogs to the shelter to introduce them, and they seemed to all get along well enough. The little dog would try to play with Barley and he would play back. Unfortunately, his mouth is bigger than a fox terrier and we are afraid that they would be playing and the little dog would accidentally get its neck snapped. So we will not be getting a small dog anytime soon.

We might see about fostering a larger one though for a while.

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