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Help control the pet population

Ninsi and I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with our families in Oklahoma. Mostly with hers. But we will spend most of Christmas with mine. It's a trade-off where no one really wins. Ninsi is thinking that next year, instead of messing around with the driving and the families and scheduling, that perhaps we should just take a cruise for a couple of days. We're going to put some serious thought into it.

Reptile checked on the dogs for us while we were gone. And for the most part, they behaved well. Nothing was destroyed when we came home. And only a couple things were outside that shouldn't have been. The one that takes things outside no longer really chews stuff up. He just takes it outside and leaves it there. That's a bonus.

They did, however, have one surprise for us. When we got home last night, both dogs were very excited to see us. And after the jumping and running was done, Barley went outside and started to bring in a new present for us - another dead cat.

This makes three cats that have been killed in our back yard. The last one was only three months ago, if that. There was no collar, again. So it was probably a stray. I would like to know which dog actually was doing it. One is very territorial, and the other is just strong in the jaw. It could be either. I'm developing quite the little pet cemetery, populated only neighborhood cats.

Also, the new TV still looks awesome.

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