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Ice, ice, baby

I debated not coming into work today. But figured I should at least try. The weather dropped significantly yesterday, and there was a chance of precipitation, which could have made for some icy roads today. But when I got up, it looked fairly clean, so I came on in. I waited about an extra half hour just so other people trying to get to work by eight could get off the road. The roads coming in really were not very bad.

They have either gotten worse during the day, or the ice was just North of us. As I was going to lunch today on 183, I saw a Camaro just in front of me lose control on the overpass at Beltline. It slid across the highway and hit the barrier on the median. And started to slide back across when it was hit by a Cadillac that then slid out and went down the embankment on the other side of the road. I, and several others, stopped and checked on the people that went down the embankment. They apparently did a few spins on the way down, but did not flip or anything. I stayed around until the cops and ambulance showed up, then went on my way.

I took the access roads most of the way back to work so as to avoid the overpass completely. When I left the scene, there were two cop cars and one ambulance. As I was going back the other way after lunch, there were at least 8 cop cars and two fire engines. Most of the highway was completely blocked off.

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