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Monday was a long day for me. Spend the whole morning on a conference call working an issue. Had a late lunch. I had barely returned from lunch when my manager told me the team was having an impromptu meeting with his boss.

Go to meeting, and I learn that the team is being split up. This is the second split in about 6 months. Me and four others are being moved to a new group. It was a complete surprise for most of us. I think that overall, it works out better for me. I'm moving to the development group and out of the support group. My job will change very little. At least for a while. I am the only one who really does development or support on this particular application anyway. Actually, I think my job responsibilities may have decreased.

It'll be a few weeks working out the particulars. Maybe a few months. Just in time for them to come back through again and split us up some more.

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