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Ninsi and I bought our Christmas tree last week. It's standing in the living room looking, and smelling, all nice and green. We've yet to even start trimming it though. I think we'll get started on that tonight or tomorrow. Yesterday was the first day that we would have had time to bother with it since we got it, but by the time we were done with our errand running and grocery shopping, I dont think either of us felt like messing with the Christmas stuff.

I'm sure the dogs prefer us to not string up lights also. At least one of them is wary of cords. We think we may have chewed into a live one once upon a time as well. I also thought the dogs might have a chance at another cat this weekend. When I got up Sunday, there was a cat stalking through the lot next to us. I thought it might climb our fence and give the dogs some sport. And me a reason to get the camera. But it turned and went into my neighbor's yard instead. Probably for the best. I really didn't want to mess with another dead cat.

Little else going on for us. Christmas parties for work coming up and then Christmas itself. Followed by New Year's. I'm off the last week and a half of the year, which will make for a nice little vacation.

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