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Time is near

This may very well be the last post for the year. I'm at work now and coming in tomorrow. Then I am off until the 6th of January, 2009. Ninsi and I will probably be heading up to OK tomorrow evening. Stay in McAlester overnight and then head on to Tulsa on Christmas Eve. We may change our plans a bit and wait until Wednesday morning to leave Dallas and just make the drive all the way up to Tulsa at once. I think it will depend on how much stuff we get done tonight. We're almost there.

It was a good weekend. I took off last Friday and got some errands ran that needed doing. Mainly getting new tires on my car. They were starting to get a little bald. I didnt get quite as many miles out of them as I should have, so the tire place gave me an $8 credit for each tire. Friday night we went out to Pan as we tend to do.

Saturday was Donut's birthday, and we got together for dinner. After that, Ninsi and I were meeting other friend's to watch the Lollie Bombs show. It was entertaining. But we didnt get out until after 1:30 I think and since I had been up early in anticipation of AT&T showing up, I was more than ready to home to bed.

One other thing we did Saturday was check out a new puppy. Ninsi has been wanting to get a small lapdog. We took both of our dogs to the shelter to introduce them, and they seemed to all get along well enough. The little dog would try to play with Barley and he would play back. Unfortunately, his mouth is bigger than a fox terrier and we are afraid that they would be playing and the little dog would accidentally get its neck snapped. So we will not be getting a small dog anytime soon.

We might see about fostering a larger one though for a while.

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