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January 6, 2009


The hiatus is at an end.

Ninsi and I both made it through the holidays. I wouldn't say we came through unscathed as we are both somewhat ill now. She has a upper respiratory thing. I have a slight case of pneumonia. New Year's Day I had a fever of 102. It retreated the following day, then rallied that night to hit 103. And it hung around all day the next day. After three days of fever, I threw in the towel and went to the clinic. They concluded that I had a minor case of pneumonia. So I have some anitbiotics now, and some high-grade cough syrup.

Ninsi and I were not kind to our bodies though the holidays. But we had a good time. :)

Now we're getting geared up in the new year. Got a few things to do. Getting ready for some Spring planting, maybe. Need to figure out exactly what to plant, and where. And may need to get out the hammer and saw and get on with some minor construction. I'll have to see about that.

Overall, the vacation and holiday's were good. Everyone seems to be mostly healthy, hearty, and whole. Not a bunch to really complain about. I hope everyone else is enjoying their seasons. The winter acts like it is coming to a close, though I have my doubts. It will be Spring soon enough. No need to rush it. Got a whole year to get around to doing things again.

January 8, 2009


Tonight is the big game. OU vs Florida in the BCS title game.
Ninsi and I are going to a theater in Hurst to watch it. It's being presented in 3D, supposedly. I have no idea how they are going to do that. It if is cool, I'll go home and read about the technology behind it. If it sucks, I'll just bitch. It should be interesting, regardless.


January 9, 2009

Moving along

Well, that was disappointing.

The 3D technology was interesting, I'll give it that. There were a few production hiccups. But most of that was worked out in time. What was by far the most annoying was the lack of multiple camera angles. The 3D guys apparently only had a few cameras, and they were all on the same sideline. We got to see the game just fine, but it was generally from a lower angle than you are used to seeing on TV. And occasionally, they would just miss a play because they were still focusing on the sideline after the previous play. I blame that on the director not paying enough attention to the game.

There were some technical glitches as well. I got the impression that they take an image, split it out, work some mojo, then put it back together on the receiving end. Though, it may also require dual projectors in the theater. But several times during the broadcast, the image on the screen started to split apart, and your brain tried to follow both at the same time. Every single time it happened there was a collective groan from the audience as our brains tried to process images in a way it just isn't mean to do. No, someone with a lazy eye probably would not have had an issue with the splitting, but they also probably wouldn't be able to see the 3D to begin with.

Overall, I'd say the technology is not yet ready for the big time. It's still a gimmick. It does give a real nice depth to the image on the screen, but that's not enough to overcome the flaws, yet.

January 12, 2009


Ninsi's birthday was last week. But, as we were both feeling mostly under the weather, we did not get out to find her a birthday present. I had promised to take her shopping and get whatever she wanted. We thought to give it another go yesterday while we had some time, and were near enough to the mall anyway.

We had barely made it into the mall when Ninsi decided that she didn't really want new clothes, but would be happy with a Wii. All the cool kids seem to have one, and Ninsi likes being one of the cool kids... I think she just wasn't in a mood to shop, and kinda wanted a Wii anyway.

We left the mall and drove across the street to Best Buy. They were sold out. I was not expecting that. I know that the Wii is generally in short supply, but I figured that over two weeks after Christmas, there would not be any real issues getting one. So that Best Buy was sold out. We called another Best Buy. And Wal-Mart. And Target. And Sam's. And GameStop. It seems everyone in Dallas was sold out, and most of them did not know when they would be getting more in. "If it's on the truck, we'll have more," was pretty much the answer we got when we asked.

One Target did say they would be getting more in today. And since it is the one closest to my work, I figured Id go by at lunch and check. Expecting them to either have not received any, or already be sold out. When I asked though, the guy said they still had 16 in stock. He pulled one of out the case as a woman walked up and she was afraid it was the last one. They had already sold 3-4 today, and probably will be completely sold out by this evening.

But, I got one, regular price. It's in the boot of the car, and I'll hook it up tonight. Probably go buy an extra set of controllers later this week.

Happy Birthday, Ninsi. :)

January 14, 2009

Dog Whisperer we are not

Everyone knows that Ninsi and I have two dogs. They are both mutts. One is a pit mix and about 75 pounds. The other is of unknown stock: she is brown and white. We have been wanting to get a new dog and for a while Ninsi was looking at lap dogs. That experiment failed because ours are too big to play gently with a small dog.

Luna, our female dog, is also very territorial. So we though we would try fostering a larger dog to help get her used to new dogs. That should make it easier to bring in a new dog permanently later. Tonight, Reptile and his wife brought over 'Jake.' A hound dog/blue heeler mix. Jake isn't a small dog. We figured to keep him until at least the weekend, but it did not go so well. In the house, he cowered away from Barley and Luna, and they mostly ignored him. There was some barking, but Jake was docile, and very submissive.

When we took them outside, however, Luna just would not leave Jake be. It seems that she considers the outside to be her domain, and was not going to let the new dog hang out. Both of our dogs eventually jumped on Jake and had to be separated.

Phase one of 'Bring in a new Dog' has failed. Jake went home with Reptile. We're going to try again Sunday, on some neutral ground. And maybe walk the together to wear them out before they really get a chance to interact.

I really don't want to have to wait for Luna to die before I can get another dog.

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January 19, 2009

Off Day

It seems like pretty much everyone I know in Dallas has today off, except me. I dont really want today off. We just had Christmas and New Years holidays, so I am good for a few more weeks. I would just rather not be working, if I had the option.

I had thought about taking today off since Ninsi was off, and we would have gone out last night. But I had a scheduled meeting with my new boss today and did not want to bail on that. It was supposed to be at 11 this morning, but she was running behind with her other meetings and had to postpone mine until Wednesday. That's fine, I just wish I'd known soon enough that I could have taken off today.

I'll just wait until February and take a random day then, instead. Maybe Groundhog's Day. Show some love to the marmot.

Outside of that, the weekend was cool. Played three games of 40k at Zero's house. Won two, lost one. Didnt really get out beyond that.

January 21, 2009


There is apparently a Buffalo wing crisis building. A poultry farm in Texas has declared bankruptcy, putting a dent in chicken wing production. Coupled with the increased demand for wings, and created a shortage of wings in some places. Prices have more than doubled in some cases.

I understand it is largely an issue of supply and demand. Ive seen the prices on wings at the place I eat them go up significantly. It has gone up enough that I dont eat them as much. I watched the video on CNN.com. And they explained everything i listed in the first paragraph. However, one clip they showed was of a severely overweight woman stuffing her piehole with wings. It wasn't said, but I think I agree with the implied sentiment that if that woman would stop hoarding all the wings, we wouldn't be having a wing crisis...

January 22, 2009

Target = Wii

I think I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I bought the wife a Wii for her birthday. We have been playing with it most evenings. Borrowed a game from Zero that, like most Wii games, is simple and fun. Ninsi has been wanting to get the Wii Fit game though, but wasn't able to find it anywhere nearby. The places that had it were selling it as a bundle with crap that she neither needed nor wanted. She had therefore, resigned to waiting a couple months to get it.

Today, at lunch, I went to the same Target where I initially bought the Wii. They had three Wii for sale, and a pair of Wii Fits. So I bought one. I dont know what it is, but that Target at least seems to always have the Wii thing that I am looking for. They are 2 for 2, and that's a pretty damn good record.

The moral:
Want Wii? Go to Target.

January 26, 2009

Snow Day

It is supposed to get icy here this evening and tomorrow. When I get up tomorrow morning, if it is icy out, I will just take a vacation day and stay home. Maybe play on the Wii. That is pretty much all we did yesterday. Bought Mario Kart for it, so we now have four things to play. Not counting the BoomBlox we've borrowed from Zero.

Ninsi is thinking of going back to school. Again.
She is visiting with a counselor this afternoon to discuss classes. Eventually, if she keeps going to school, she'll get a degree that lets her get a job earning enough money to pay back the student loans. Hopefully...

January 28, 2009


It iced over last night. Not bad, as it is in Oklahoma, but a little. Enough to make the streets slick and close the schools. I took the morning off work to let things thaw a little. Ninsi had to be at work by 11.

The cars still had quite a bit of ice on them when she was ready to go in to work, so we had to scrape it all off the windows. While doing it, I was reminded of my time in Florida. I lived there for a couple years back around the beginning of this decade. One day, the girl I was seeing at the time pulled a large ice scraper from the trunk of my car and looked at it quizzically. "What is this?" she asked... It took me a minute to realize she was serious.

She had lived in Florida her whole life. And though she had visited other states, she was never there when it was icy everywhere. Florida doesn't ice over, so she had absolutely no concept of the need for an ice scraper.

I have little use for one these days. But I need to get one anyway, if just for that one day a year when I have to scrape ice from Ninsi's car and dont want to use a spatula. Again.

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