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Dog Whisperer we are not

Everyone knows that Ninsi and I have two dogs. They are both mutts. One is a pit mix and about 75 pounds. The other is of unknown stock: she is brown and white. We have been wanting to get a new dog and for a while Ninsi was looking at lap dogs. That experiment failed because ours are too big to play gently with a small dog.

Luna, our female dog, is also very territorial. So we though we would try fostering a larger dog to help get her used to new dogs. That should make it easier to bring in a new dog permanently later. Tonight, Reptile and his wife brought over 'Jake.' A hound dog/blue heeler mix. Jake isn't a small dog. We figured to keep him until at least the weekend, but it did not go so well. In the house, he cowered away from Barley and Luna, and they mostly ignored him. There was some barking, but Jake was docile, and very submissive.

When we took them outside, however, Luna just would not leave Jake be. It seems that she considers the outside to be her domain, and was not going to let the new dog hang out. Both of our dogs eventually jumped on Jake and had to be separated.

Phase one of 'Bring in a new Dog' has failed. Jake went home with Reptile. We're going to try again Sunday, on some neutral ground. And maybe walk the together to wear them out before they really get a chance to interact.

I really don't want to have to wait for Luna to die before I can get another dog.

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