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Moving along

Well, that was disappointing.

The 3D technology was interesting, I'll give it that. There were a few production hiccups. But most of that was worked out in time. What was by far the most annoying was the lack of multiple camera angles. The 3D guys apparently only had a few cameras, and they were all on the same sideline. We got to see the game just fine, but it was generally from a lower angle than you are used to seeing on TV. And occasionally, they would just miss a play because they were still focusing on the sideline after the previous play. I blame that on the director not paying enough attention to the game.

There were some technical glitches as well. I got the impression that they take an image, split it out, work some mojo, then put it back together on the receiving end. Though, it may also require dual projectors in the theater. But several times during the broadcast, the image on the screen started to split apart, and your brain tried to follow both at the same time. Every single time it happened there was a collective groan from the audience as our brains tried to process images in a way it just isn't mean to do. No, someone with a lazy eye probably would not have had an issue with the splitting, but they also probably wouldn't be able to see the 3D to begin with.

Overall, I'd say the technology is not yet ready for the big time. It's still a gimmick. It does give a real nice depth to the image on the screen, but that's not enough to overcome the flaws, yet.

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