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Off Day

It seems like pretty much everyone I know in Dallas has today off, except me. I dont really want today off. We just had Christmas and New Years holidays, so I am good for a few more weeks. I would just rather not be working, if I had the option.

I had thought about taking today off since Ninsi was off, and we would have gone out last night. But I had a scheduled meeting with my new boss today and did not want to bail on that. It was supposed to be at 11 this morning, but she was running behind with her other meetings and had to postpone mine until Wednesday. That's fine, I just wish I'd known soon enough that I could have taken off today.

I'll just wait until February and take a random day then, instead. Maybe Groundhog's Day. Show some love to the marmot.

Outside of that, the weekend was cool. Played three games of 40k at Zero's house. Won two, lost one. Didnt really get out beyond that.

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