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The hiatus is at an end.

Ninsi and I both made it through the holidays. I wouldn't say we came through unscathed as we are both somewhat ill now. She has a upper respiratory thing. I have a slight case of pneumonia. New Year's Day I had a fever of 102. It retreated the following day, then rallied that night to hit 103. And it hung around all day the next day. After three days of fever, I threw in the towel and went to the clinic. They concluded that I had a minor case of pneumonia. So I have some anitbiotics now, and some high-grade cough syrup.

Ninsi and I were not kind to our bodies though the holidays. But we had a good time. :)

Now we're getting geared up in the new year. Got a few things to do. Getting ready for some Spring planting, maybe. Need to figure out exactly what to plant, and where. And may need to get out the hammer and saw and get on with some minor construction. I'll have to see about that.

Overall, the vacation and holiday's were good. Everyone seems to be mostly healthy, hearty, and whole. Not a bunch to really complain about. I hope everyone else is enjoying their seasons. The winter acts like it is coming to a close, though I have my doubts. It will be Spring soon enough. No need to rush it. Got a whole year to get around to doing things again.

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