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It iced over last night. Not bad, as it is in Oklahoma, but a little. Enough to make the streets slick and close the schools. I took the morning off work to let things thaw a little. Ninsi had to be at work by 11.

The cars still had quite a bit of ice on them when she was ready to go in to work, so we had to scrape it all off the windows. While doing it, I was reminded of my time in Florida. I lived there for a couple years back around the beginning of this decade. One day, the girl I was seeing at the time pulled a large ice scraper from the trunk of my car and looked at it quizzically. "What is this?" she asked... It took me a minute to realize she was serious.

She had lived in Florida her whole life. And though she had visited other states, she was never there when it was icy everywhere. Florida doesn't ice over, so she had absolutely no concept of the need for an ice scraper.

I have little use for one these days. But I need to get one anyway, if just for that one day a year when I have to scrape ice from Ninsi's car and dont want to use a spatula. Again.

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