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Ninsi's birthday was last week. But, as we were both feeling mostly under the weather, we did not get out to find her a birthday present. I had promised to take her shopping and get whatever she wanted. We thought to give it another go yesterday while we had some time, and were near enough to the mall anyway.

We had barely made it into the mall when Ninsi decided that she didn't really want new clothes, but would be happy with a Wii. All the cool kids seem to have one, and Ninsi likes being one of the cool kids... I think she just wasn't in a mood to shop, and kinda wanted a Wii anyway.

We left the mall and drove across the street to Best Buy. They were sold out. I was not expecting that. I know that the Wii is generally in short supply, but I figured that over two weeks after Christmas, there would not be any real issues getting one. So that Best Buy was sold out. We called another Best Buy. And Wal-Mart. And Target. And Sam's. And GameStop. It seems everyone in Dallas was sold out, and most of them did not know when they would be getting more in. "If it's on the truck, we'll have more," was pretty much the answer we got when we asked.

One Target did say they would be getting more in today. And since it is the one closest to my work, I figured Id go by at lunch and check. Expecting them to either have not received any, or already be sold out. When I asked though, the guy said they still had 16 in stock. He pulled one of out the case as a woman walked up and she was afraid it was the last one. They had already sold 3-4 today, and probably will be completely sold out by this evening.

But, I got one, regular price. It's in the boot of the car, and I'll hook it up tonight. Probably go buy an extra set of controllers later this week.

Happy Birthday, Ninsi. :)

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