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February 3, 2009


The Super Bowl is over.
Now begins the longest time of the year: The time between the Super Bowl and college kickoff in September. The Pro Bowl is still to come, but that doesn't really count as football, generally.

Ninsi and I got our new phones yesterday. Me the Omnia, and her the Storm. Probably going to be playing with them for a while. The bitch of it is having to rebuy chargers for the car and maybe work, since they use completely different connections that our past phones. My is even the same brand as my last one, but I can't use the power for it.

With football out of the way, Ninsi and I don't have a whole lot going on for a while. Going to OK one weekend this month, and then the Squid will be coming down here for a week in March.
We will get a little busy again in April with our anniversary and such. Probably should start thinking about where we are going to eat dinner that night. We're thinking Nick & Sam's right now. Never been. Not even sure if it still exists.

February 11, 2009


Not a whole lot going on lately. Weather is getting nicer. Im ready to start doing some serious yard work.

This weekend is Valentine's Day. Ninsi and I don't really have anything planned for it. Which is a position that I heartily endorse. I've never been a fan of completely made of holidays. Unless I am getting a day of work for it...

As near as we can tell, on Saturday night, Barley barreled through the back fence. There was some splintered wood on the other side and a hole large enough for the dogs to get through. He managed to gash his nose nicely in the process. I would hope that the gash might teach him a lesson, but I doubt that it has any effect.

I found these sites through a friend, and Ninsi and I have started the program:
100 pushups
200 situps

There are not many better basic exercises than pushups and situps. A decade ago, I used to do a lot of pushups and situps. About 50 and 100, respectively. This is a fairly straightforward program, so I'll probably just wait til Im done with it to post results. On my initial test I did 30 pushups but only 15 situps. So I have a ways to go.

February 16, 2009


Valentine's Day has come and gone. It was largely uneventful for us. Neither myself nor Ninsi felt it necessary to really try to fight the crowds implicit in a weekend Valentine Day thing. Friday night we were at the Lollie Bombs show with Reptile, Zero, and Ehlana. Saturday was mostly piddlin' around and then we went back out for the show again. Only this time we were joined by a friend from high school. Someone I've not seen in probably 18 years or so.

I have reconnected with more than a few people from HS via Facebook in the past few months. A good many of them, I don't think I have enough in common with to maintain a connection real well. But it has been good to get back in touch with a few of the others. Of course, there are also people that you don't really want to talk to on there as well.

I've had a FB account since it was opened up to the general public and not just schools. Few people I knew were on it then. Now, especially in the past 6 months, it seems like half the people I've ever met are now on it.
My MySpace account is mostly neglected these days. I've had that account since shortly after MySpace was created. But it seems more geared to teenagers than adults.
There's also Hi5. It isn't big in the US, but has a large Asian following and is growing. I've had an account there for a couple years, so I'm set should it become the next big thing.

Heading to OK this weekend to spend some time with the Squid. Ninsi will be flying up to visit with her fam in Tulsa. It'll be our first weekend out of town this year. And probably the last until late April.

February 18, 2009


Went to dinner with friends last night. Reptile was not able to make it because of some work issues, but he called me while we were eating and asked if we'd be able to do drinks somewhere afterwards. Not being a group to turn down drinks, anytime, we were all fairly amenable to that.

We elected to go to the Republic, which is a fairly nice place for drinks or happy hour. I've been there a couple times before. On a Tuesday night, we were not expecting it to be very busy, and it was not. However, when we sat down, the waitress came over and said that all they had to drink was some red wine, some white wine, and Dewer's scotch. That's it. No beer. No other liquors. Some issue with them opening a new bar in the restaurant and the liquor licensing issues therein.

Given those options, we instead elected to go to Cadillac Ranch. We sat out on the patio and everyone ordered a drink from our young, cleavage baring waitress. The girls all got the same thing, and it tasted like ass. Reptile had drank it before and said it was usually quite good. So all those got sent back. In the meantime, a band started playing and was so loud we couldn't hear. Ajourning to the inside, we started over. With dessert.

I noticed today that the phone I recently bought is now $100 cheaper than when I got it. I am going to go back to Verizon and try to get a refund of that on mine. Worst case scenario, I can return my phone for the $35 restock fee, and just buy a new one at the discounted price. So I should still be able to come out ahead $65. I bet they try real hard to deny me.

still vibrating...

February 23, 2009

Back to Dallas

Spent the weekend in OK, as planned. Had a good time with the Squid, as usual.

Mom had been having various issues with her PC over the past month and a half, so I spent about four hours fixing that for her. I'm really hoping I have all the issues settled this time. I'm tired of being tech support. It would be a lot easier if she had a broadband connection, instead of satellite, but it just isn't available at the house. And that makes updating take a really long time.

Talked with the Squid a lot about her eventual driving. She'll be 15 in April. So she's got driving on the brain. I did let her drive the Saturn around in a circle a couple times just to get started. And if everything remains status quo, she will be getting the Saturn when she turns 16 in another year. Of course, mom bought my nephew a truck when he turned 16, so maybe they will do the same for my offspring.

The interesting thing from the weekend was the conversation I had with her when we were heading up to Henryetta. I got the distinct impression that she is done with Dewey, where she currently lives. A year ago, there was talk that they might move to Tulsa, and the Squid was adamantly opposed to that, being as all her friends were in Dewey. It sounds like she may have outgrown her friends and now wants to move to Tulsa. And that is a possibility. She also seemed to indicate that if they did not move to Tulsa, then she might want to move to Dallas with me and Ninsi.

She may be just done with Dewey, and I can sympathize with that. I doubt she moves to Dallas (her mom would cry, and cry, and cry, ad infinitum). But we'll see how things look this Summer.

February 26, 2009

Sometimes, they come back

Leaving for work yesterday morning, Ninsi and I both noticed the same thing. Namely the large black cat in the street. It is 100% dead. Probably was hit by a car overnight. All I know for sure is: our dogs did not do it. They haven't made it out of the backyard since Barley went through the fence. We don't have many stray cats in our neighborhood. I suspect this is due to the large population of stray dogs.

Unfortunately the dead cat was still there this morning. Im hoping to remember to call the city to have someone go pick it up.

Last week, we threw some leftover cake into the empty lot next to us. I occasionally throw bread over there for the birds to eat. Apparently one of them picked up a piece of the cake and either could not carry it, or was attacked in mid-flight by another bird that wanted the cake, because we have a piece of the cake on the deck now. I suppose neighborhood kids could have thrown it up there, but it's smaller than kids would have messed with, and they would probably have thrown it all over the place instead of just one piece on the deck. So, we're fairly sure it was dropped by a bird.

Or the cake is trying to get back at me somehow...

February 27, 2009


Zero and I eat lunch together one day out of almost every week. Reptile used to join us, but then he started actually working, or something. A couple of weeks ago, a couple of my co-workers came along for lunch when I was meeting Zero at a new BBQ place that had opened up on 121. "Cowboys BBQ", I believe is the name.

I guess it's semi-famous and this is their 2nd (?) location. When we went a couple weeks ago, there were a lot of cars in the lot, but the store had not actually opened yet. We were about a week early. Yesterday, Zero and I decided to try again. I'm never one to turn down BBQ.

I got ribs and the sausage. Zero got ribs and the chicken. I also requested pinto beans, but our waitress said that the beans were really not the best and Id be happier with something else. So I went for the black-eyed peas.

Overall, the restaurant was not crowded. Im guessing not many people know it is open yet. What struck me was that most of the wait staff was older than I was expecting. Maybe two of them in their 20s, and the rest 40+. And it looked like they had some space to add a retail shop or something.

When our food arrived, everything looked good. But if I was an actually critic, I think I would describe both the ribs and the sausage as 'timid'. There really wasn't much of a kick to it. And I had to ask twice for ketchup for my fries. They also brought me the dreaded pinto beans instead of my requested peas. I'm not sure how that happened since the waitress was pretty opposed to me getting the beans. She also asked me of I would like a wetnap to clean my hands, and then never returned with one.

Will we go again? Probably. The ribs tasted to me like they were cooked so as to not offend anyone. Fairly tepid, overall. I'll give them one more chance, but if they don't shore it up, it's back to Red, Hot & Blue or Outlaws for me.

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