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Not a whole lot going on lately. Weather is getting nicer. Im ready to start doing some serious yard work.

This weekend is Valentine's Day. Ninsi and I don't really have anything planned for it. Which is a position that I heartily endorse. I've never been a fan of completely made of holidays. Unless I am getting a day of work for it...

As near as we can tell, on Saturday night, Barley barreled through the back fence. There was some splintered wood on the other side and a hole large enough for the dogs to get through. He managed to gash his nose nicely in the process. I would hope that the gash might teach him a lesson, but I doubt that it has any effect.

I found these sites through a friend, and Ninsi and I have started the program:
100 pushups
200 situps

There are not many better basic exercises than pushups and situps. A decade ago, I used to do a lot of pushups and situps. About 50 and 100, respectively. This is a fairly straightforward program, so I'll probably just wait til Im done with it to post results. On my initial test I did 30 pushups but only 15 situps. So I have a ways to go.

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pu su and run usually 200 each and 15 min run

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