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Back to Dallas

Spent the weekend in OK, as planned. Had a good time with the Squid, as usual.

Mom had been having various issues with her PC over the past month and a half, so I spent about four hours fixing that for her. I'm really hoping I have all the issues settled this time. I'm tired of being tech support. It would be a lot easier if she had a broadband connection, instead of satellite, but it just isn't available at the house. And that makes updating take a really long time.

Talked with the Squid a lot about her eventual driving. She'll be 15 in April. So she's got driving on the brain. I did let her drive the Saturn around in a circle a couple times just to get started. And if everything remains status quo, she will be getting the Saturn when she turns 16 in another year. Of course, mom bought my nephew a truck when he turned 16, so maybe they will do the same for my offspring.

The interesting thing from the weekend was the conversation I had with her when we were heading up to Henryetta. I got the distinct impression that she is done with Dewey, where she currently lives. A year ago, there was talk that they might move to Tulsa, and the Squid was adamantly opposed to that, being as all her friends were in Dewey. It sounds like she may have outgrown her friends and now wants to move to Tulsa. And that is a possibility. She also seemed to indicate that if they did not move to Tulsa, then she might want to move to Dallas with me and Ninsi.

She may be just done with Dewey, and I can sympathize with that. I doubt she moves to Dallas (her mom would cry, and cry, and cry, ad infinitum). But we'll see how things look this Summer.

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Ok - I'm gonna start trying to keep up - I blogged again - am adding the link to my blackberry and will try to blog more often - though they maybe short blogs.

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