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Went to dinner with friends last night. Reptile was not able to make it because of some work issues, but he called me while we were eating and asked if we'd be able to do drinks somewhere afterwards. Not being a group to turn down drinks, anytime, we were all fairly amenable to that.

We elected to go to the Republic, which is a fairly nice place for drinks or happy hour. I've been there a couple times before. On a Tuesday night, we were not expecting it to be very busy, and it was not. However, when we sat down, the waitress came over and said that all they had to drink was some red wine, some white wine, and Dewer's scotch. That's it. No beer. No other liquors. Some issue with them opening a new bar in the restaurant and the liquor licensing issues therein.

Given those options, we instead elected to go to Cadillac Ranch. We sat out on the patio and everyone ordered a drink from our young, cleavage baring waitress. The girls all got the same thing, and it tasted like ass. Reptile had drank it before and said it was usually quite good. So all those got sent back. In the meantime, a band started playing and was so loud we couldn't hear. Ajourning to the inside, we started over. With dessert.

I noticed today that the phone I recently bought is now $100 cheaper than when I got it. I am going to go back to Verizon and try to get a refund of that on mine. Worst case scenario, I can return my phone for the $35 restock fee, and just buy a new one at the discounted price. So I should still be able to come out ahead $65. I bet they try real hard to deny me.

still vibrating...

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Rumor is that Republic is a front for something. This part is not rumor - their drinks always suck and are way overpriced, and they're under investigation by the TABC. Haven't heard of anyone having issues with drinks at Cadillac Ranch. Their happy hours are packed. A friend did lose his credit card in that little creek thing - about the worst thing I've heard so far.

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