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The Super Bowl is over.
Now begins the longest time of the year: The time between the Super Bowl and college kickoff in September. The Pro Bowl is still to come, but that doesn't really count as football, generally.

Ninsi and I got our new phones yesterday. Me the Omnia, and her the Storm. Probably going to be playing with them for a while. The bitch of it is having to rebuy chargers for the car and maybe work, since they use completely different connections that our past phones. My is even the same brand as my last one, but I can't use the power for it.

With football out of the way, Ninsi and I don't have a whole lot going on for a while. Going to OK one weekend this month, and then the Squid will be coming down here for a week in March.
We will get a little busy again in April with our anniversary and such. Probably should start thinking about where we are going to eat dinner that night. We're thinking Nick & Sam's right now. Never been. Not even sure if it still exists.

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