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Sometimes, they come back

Leaving for work yesterday morning, Ninsi and I both noticed the same thing. Namely the large black cat in the street. It is 100% dead. Probably was hit by a car overnight. All I know for sure is: our dogs did not do it. They haven't made it out of the backyard since Barley went through the fence. We don't have many stray cats in our neighborhood. I suspect this is due to the large population of stray dogs.

Unfortunately the dead cat was still there this morning. Im hoping to remember to call the city to have someone go pick it up.

Last week, we threw some leftover cake into the empty lot next to us. I occasionally throw bread over there for the birds to eat. Apparently one of them picked up a piece of the cake and either could not carry it, or was attacked in mid-flight by another bird that wanted the cake, because we have a piece of the cake on the deck now. I suppose neighborhood kids could have thrown it up there, but it's smaller than kids would have messed with, and they would probably have thrown it all over the place instead of just one piece on the deck. So, we're fairly sure it was dropped by a bird.

Or the cake is trying to get back at me somehow...

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I called the pound today - had to leave a msg, because after 5 minutes of listening to them say "our dispachers are experiancing an unusually high call volume" about 200 times, they finally gave me the option to leave a voicemail. I suspect unusually high call volume translates into - "I don't feel like answering the phone right now."

And I threw the stray piece of cake back over the fence.

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