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March 3, 2009

Get along little doggies

A couple of weeks ago when I spent the weekend at my mom's in Oklahoma, she told me that she wants a new puppy. Her current dog, Zack, is old, and may not be long for this world. I would say that he is on his last leg, but if you knew Zack, you would think I was making a pun, in dubious taste. And you would be right.

She wants a German Shepherd or Labrador puppy. I told her I'd go to the shelter and get a mutt that had at least part of one of those in it. Before we could make it to the shelter, I mentioned my intentions to a co-worker, and he told me that another co-worker was trying to find a new home for a lab. The upshot of it all is that Ninsi and I did go to the shelters and look for a dog for my mom, but did not find any that I deemed suitable, and instead we are going to get this 8 month old chocolate lab from my friend. They got the dog right before they found out they were pregnant, and cant manage a new dog and new baby.

Once we had settled that, Ninsi and I went on down to the Dallas SPCA to look at possible dogs for ourselves. There was one that I liked, but someone else had dibs on it already. Ninsi, of course, liked a great many of the puppies. I also was not prepared for the new cost of a puppy. When we got Barley, almost four years ago, he was $175. Now, puppies less than six months old are $285. The SPCA has gone completely no-kill, so they have to maintain some dogs a lot longer.

We did not get a new dog this weekend. But I suspect we will go looking again this Summer. I am thinking about waiting until the Squid comes down for the Summer and let her help us pick one out. She'll also get to do a lot of the raising of it while we're at work and she's at the house. Then, once she is good and attached to it, she will have to go back to OK for school.

btw, Zack has all four legs. They've just been ran over a few times by the cars he chases...

March 9, 2009

Gone to the dogs

Ninsi and I went to pick up 'Luke' yesterday. He is the 8 month old chocolate lab that we got for my mom. He's a big puppy, and full of energy. He's also timid around other dogs. Right after we picked him up from my co-worker, we went down to meet friends at a bar that was having a dog-adoption thing. The bar is pet friendly all the time, but on Sundays they close the gates so the dogs can go off-leash.

While we were there, we changed the dog's name from Luke to Lucas (Lukus maybe). Just because it is a better name, but still close to what he's learned. There were several dozen other dogs at the bar so he got to interact with them a lot. He's been a solo dog most of his life and didnt seem to really know how to react to all the others.

Getting him home wasn't exactly relaxing, though. Luna and Barley both act like they want to eat him. So he's been crated most of the time at the house so that our dogs can get used to his scent. Tonight we'll actually let them interact and see how that goes. If it goes okay, we'll let them all hang out. If not, we'll have to keep Lucas crated until this weekend when we can take him to OK.

We really want them to all get along, because that would give us faith that we will be able to get a puppy for ourselves later this year without having issue when we bring it home to stay permanently. I'm not sure what we will do if Barley and Luna are both aggressive to any new dog.

March 11, 2009


Normally, I wake up about 6:30 in the morning. Even without the alarm. On weekends, I just go back to sleep, or lay awake in bed for a couple hours. This morning, I did not wake up at 6:30. Ninsi actually woke up and proclaimed that it was 8:30 and we were both running very late. Which wouldn't bother me usually, except that I had to teach a class at 9 am.

I showered and made it by 9:10. So not too bad. Been playing catch up since then.

I doubt that we both slept through the alarm, so I'll have to check it tonight and make sure that it's working and the volume hasn't been turned down or something.

Dog update: It's not constant war, but it is continual tension. Barley just doesn't like the newcomer. We can have them all three in the same place at once, but Ninsi and I have to maintain constant vigil, or else there will be a fight. Which is stupid, since Lucas just rolls over and doesn't fight back at all. Luna gets involved as well. She and Lucas get along just fine outside together, but not when Barley is around.

Stupid dogs.

March 16, 2009


Yesterday, Ninsi and I took Lucas up to Oklahoma and met my mother in Durant. We gave her the dog, and in return, we brought home the Squid and her cousin.

So now we have a pair of 15 year old (almost) teenage girls in the house for the week. Im at work today and tomorrow, and then I'll be taking off the rest of the week and doing stuff with the girls. Since the Squid's birthday is coming up in just over 2 weeks, I think Wednesday will be a day spent shopping. I should probably just drop them off at the mall and let them at it. Otherwise, Im sure they'll wear me out.

I think on Thursday we will do some indoor rock climbing. I've never done it, but there are a couple places in the area that have large walls, and it isn't too expensive. It'll be a good workout for my arms as a bonus.

The Squid has become a vegetarian. She has been since December, and has adhered to it. So that is affecting what we eat somewhat. My goal for the Summer will be teaching her how to cook for herself, so that she doesn't have to depend on someone else cooking for her. No one else in our family is a vegetarian, so she will have to learn to fend for herself. Last night was stir-fry. We'll also do pizza and tacos this week, and probably eat out a time or two.

I just dont comprehend the whole no-meat thing. Meat just tastes good.

March 19, 2009


Sometimes, I worry about people. They scare me with their complete lack of knowledge. Especially some waitstaff. By way of example:

Tuesday night, we (ninsi, squid, squid cousin, myself) went to Dave & Buster's for dinner. While we were waiting for everyone else to arrive, we asked the waitress if we could get fettucine alfredo. It wasn't on the menu, but since the Squid is now vegetarian, and we were trying to figure out what she could eat. And most places that have any Italian dishes can make it, even when not on the menu. The problem was the conversation went thusly:
us: "Do you have Fettucine Alfredo?"
her: "I dont know what fettucine is."
us: "It's a pasta."
her: "All we have are the long noodles."
us: "..."

Granted, she had only been working there a week, and it was probably her first job ever, but still, I didnt think fettucine was a secret. How do you respond to something like that?
And another:

A few weeks ago, Ninsi and I had lunch at Genghis Grill. I asked the waitress for a Vodka Tonic and had this conversation:
me: "Can I get a vodka tonic?"
her: "I dont think we have the stuff to make that."
(Alarms go off in my head as I can clearly see a full bar behind her)
me: "Oh, are you out of tonic?"
her: "No, we have that."
me: "Vodka?"
her: "No, we have that."
me: "Limes?"
her: "No, we have those. Is that what's in it? I'll go check..."

Vodka tonic. If you arent drinking something straight, it's harder to have a more simple drink. The fucking ingredients are listed in the name of the drink. I can live without the lime, even. Which I did at D&Bs Tuesday because our fettucine impaired waitress didnt bother to put any in my v/t there.

So, is it me? Or are these people just severely lacking some basic mental facilities? I feel sorry for them, not to mention the future.

March 23, 2009


The Squid and her cousin have been taken back to OK. They spent a week with Ninsi and I. Overall, I think it was quite a good time. The girls did a lot of shopping and some rock climbing. The rock climbing must have wore them out more than I thought it would. They only did it for about 2 hours, and complained that their arms hurt for the next two days.

We are still feeling out the possibility of the Squid making Texas her permanent residence. At least for the next three years. There is still a lot of discussion that will have to happen there, but it is still on the table. The sooner we know, the better, since there will be much in the way of school stuff to take care of, if it's going to happen.

I finally got around to doing some yardwork this weekend. It was warm enough that I mowed the front on Saturday and then cleaned up and mowed the back yard yesterday. It looks way nicer once it has been mowed. And I picked up the random things that Barely uses as toys and tossed a few in the trash. I also found where the hot tub is leaking. Sorta. I thought that it might be leaking through a pipe or hose, but as near as I can tell, it's just coming through the fiberglass. I couldn't find a crack in it, but it may just be a bad seal somewhere and getting water in it. We'll have to get an estimate on getting it fixed, and then decide if we even want to keep it or not.

It's a thing that is 'nice to have,' but I dont think we'll really miss it if we wind up getting rid of it.

March 25, 2009


I feel like I should commemorate this post, somehow. Ive been blogging (poorly) for something like, five years now. I would have to go back into the archives to actually get the initial start date. Regardless, I have managed to do it fairly consistently for quite a while.

This post marks the 1000th blog post. Surely that is momentous, right? I should have something noteworthy to state or report, but that's not really my style. Which is why I think my readership hovers in the tens, maybe.

As my 1000th post, it should, will, and must stand on it's own. Maybe 1001 will be something of greater socio-political interest. How can it not be?

March 27, 2009


post 1001

A week or so ago, I went to the garage for something, and on the ground I noticed some mouse turds. It's a garage, so I wasn't terribly surprised. I figured the mouse had come in and probably chewed into something. Then I saw what it had chewed. There was a mouse sized hole in my bag of and killer.

I think my mouse problem took care of itself. We call that natural selection...

Ninsi and I went for a walk the other day. I wanted to walk up by the middle school to see if the track there was open for public use. It is not. Which sucks, as it is so close, I could walk up to it and run the track for a few miles. But it is school use only. Yet my taxes pay for it, so Im not sure I agree with that. We took a different route through a new edition on our way home, and after walking by one house, a small black and white blur came from around the fence and ran right up to us. It was a little Boston Terrier and quite friendly. But it didnt have any tags. Ninsi picked it up and was petting it when it suddenly jumped out of her arms and ran back the way it came.

It was like a guerrilla dog greeting.

It is finally Spring. And Ive managed to mow the yard once. I dont think I am planting any vegetables this year. But I haven't totally ruled it out yet. It's almost too late, but it's also still been pretty cool, so I dont think I would have gained much by planting early. I'll decide by next weekend if I want to bother.

I also think Im going to have to talk to the neighbor about the fence we share. It's barely holding itself up.

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