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Get along little doggies

A couple of weeks ago when I spent the weekend at my mom's in Oklahoma, she told me that she wants a new puppy. Her current dog, Zack, is old, and may not be long for this world. I would say that he is on his last leg, but if you knew Zack, you would think I was making a pun, in dubious taste. And you would be right.

She wants a German Shepherd or Labrador puppy. I told her I'd go to the shelter and get a mutt that had at least part of one of those in it. Before we could make it to the shelter, I mentioned my intentions to a co-worker, and he told me that another co-worker was trying to find a new home for a lab. The upshot of it all is that Ninsi and I did go to the shelters and look for a dog for my mom, but did not find any that I deemed suitable, and instead we are going to get this 8 month old chocolate lab from my friend. They got the dog right before they found out they were pregnant, and cant manage a new dog and new baby.

Once we had settled that, Ninsi and I went on down to the Dallas SPCA to look at possible dogs for ourselves. There was one that I liked, but someone else had dibs on it already. Ninsi, of course, liked a great many of the puppies. I also was not prepared for the new cost of a puppy. When we got Barley, almost four years ago, he was $175. Now, puppies less than six months old are $285. The SPCA has gone completely no-kill, so they have to maintain some dogs a lot longer.

We did not get a new dog this weekend. But I suspect we will go looking again this Summer. I am thinking about waiting until the Squid comes down for the Summer and let her help us pick one out. She'll also get to do a lot of the raising of it while we're at work and she's at the house. Then, once she is good and attached to it, she will have to go back to OK for school.

btw, Zack has all four legs. They've just been ran over a few times by the cars he chases...

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ryan :

you shoud get one from are shelter, they are only $50 w/ all shots and chip

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