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Gone to the dogs

Ninsi and I went to pick up 'Luke' yesterday. He is the 8 month old chocolate lab that we got for my mom. He's a big puppy, and full of energy. He's also timid around other dogs. Right after we picked him up from my co-worker, we went down to meet friends at a bar that was having a dog-adoption thing. The bar is pet friendly all the time, but on Sundays they close the gates so the dogs can go off-leash.

While we were there, we changed the dog's name from Luke to Lucas (Lukus maybe). Just because it is a better name, but still close to what he's learned. There were several dozen other dogs at the bar so he got to interact with them a lot. He's been a solo dog most of his life and didnt seem to really know how to react to all the others.

Getting him home wasn't exactly relaxing, though. Luna and Barley both act like they want to eat him. So he's been crated most of the time at the house so that our dogs can get used to his scent. Tonight we'll actually let them interact and see how that goes. If it goes okay, we'll let them all hang out. If not, we'll have to keep Lucas crated until this weekend when we can take him to OK.

We really want them to all get along, because that would give us faith that we will be able to get a puppy for ourselves later this year without having issue when we bring it home to stay permanently. I'm not sure what we will do if Barley and Luna are both aggressive to any new dog.

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