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The Squid and her cousin have been taken back to OK. They spent a week with Ninsi and I. Overall, I think it was quite a good time. The girls did a lot of shopping and some rock climbing. The rock climbing must have wore them out more than I thought it would. They only did it for about 2 hours, and complained that their arms hurt for the next two days.

We are still feeling out the possibility of the Squid making Texas her permanent residence. At least for the next three years. There is still a lot of discussion that will have to happen there, but it is still on the table. The sooner we know, the better, since there will be much in the way of school stuff to take care of, if it's going to happen.

I finally got around to doing some yardwork this weekend. It was warm enough that I mowed the front on Saturday and then cleaned up and mowed the back yard yesterday. It looks way nicer once it has been mowed. And I picked up the random things that Barely uses as toys and tossed a few in the trash. I also found where the hot tub is leaking. Sorta. I thought that it might be leaking through a pipe or hose, but as near as I can tell, it's just coming through the fiberglass. I couldn't find a crack in it, but it may just be a bad seal somewhere and getting water in it. We'll have to get an estimate on getting it fixed, and then decide if we even want to keep it or not.

It's a thing that is 'nice to have,' but I dont think we'll really miss it if we wind up getting rid of it.

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