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Yesterday, Ninsi and I took Lucas up to Oklahoma and met my mother in Durant. We gave her the dog, and in return, we brought home the Squid and her cousin.

So now we have a pair of 15 year old (almost) teenage girls in the house for the week. Im at work today and tomorrow, and then I'll be taking off the rest of the week and doing stuff with the girls. Since the Squid's birthday is coming up in just over 2 weeks, I think Wednesday will be a day spent shopping. I should probably just drop them off at the mall and let them at it. Otherwise, Im sure they'll wear me out.

I think on Thursday we will do some indoor rock climbing. I've never done it, but there are a couple places in the area that have large walls, and it isn't too expensive. It'll be a good workout for my arms as a bonus.

The Squid has become a vegetarian. She has been since December, and has adhered to it. So that is affecting what we eat somewhat. My goal for the Summer will be teaching her how to cook for herself, so that she doesn't have to depend on someone else cooking for her. No one else in our family is a vegetarian, so she will have to learn to fend for herself. Last night was stir-fry. We'll also do pizza and tacos this week, and probably eat out a time or two.

I just dont comprehend the whole no-meat thing. Meat just tastes good.

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