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Normally, I wake up about 6:30 in the morning. Even without the alarm. On weekends, I just go back to sleep, or lay awake in bed for a couple hours. This morning, I did not wake up at 6:30. Ninsi actually woke up and proclaimed that it was 8:30 and we were both running very late. Which wouldn't bother me usually, except that I had to teach a class at 9 am.

I showered and made it by 9:10. So not too bad. Been playing catch up since then.

I doubt that we both slept through the alarm, so I'll have to check it tonight and make sure that it's working and the volume hasn't been turned down or something.

Dog update: It's not constant war, but it is continual tension. Barley just doesn't like the newcomer. We can have them all three in the same place at once, but Ninsi and I have to maintain constant vigil, or else there will be a fight. Which is stupid, since Lucas just rolls over and doesn't fight back at all. Luna gets involved as well. She and Lucas get along just fine outside together, but not when Barley is around.

Stupid dogs.

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