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Sometimes, I worry about people. They scare me with their complete lack of knowledge. Especially some waitstaff. By way of example:

Tuesday night, we (ninsi, squid, squid cousin, myself) went to Dave & Buster's for dinner. While we were waiting for everyone else to arrive, we asked the waitress if we could get fettucine alfredo. It wasn't on the menu, but since the Squid is now vegetarian, and we were trying to figure out what she could eat. And most places that have any Italian dishes can make it, even when not on the menu. The problem was the conversation went thusly:
us: "Do you have Fettucine Alfredo?"
her: "I dont know what fettucine is."
us: "It's a pasta."
her: "All we have are the long noodles."
us: "..."

Granted, she had only been working there a week, and it was probably her first job ever, but still, I didnt think fettucine was a secret. How do you respond to something like that?
And another:

A few weeks ago, Ninsi and I had lunch at Genghis Grill. I asked the waitress for a Vodka Tonic and had this conversation:
me: "Can I get a vodka tonic?"
her: "I dont think we have the stuff to make that."
(Alarms go off in my head as I can clearly see a full bar behind her)
me: "Oh, are you out of tonic?"
her: "No, we have that."
me: "Vodka?"
her: "No, we have that."
me: "Limes?"
her: "No, we have those. Is that what's in it? I'll go check..."

Vodka tonic. If you arent drinking something straight, it's harder to have a more simple drink. The fucking ingredients are listed in the name of the drink. I can live without the lime, even. Which I did at D&Bs Tuesday because our fettucine impaired waitress didnt bother to put any in my v/t there.

So, is it me? Or are these people just severely lacking some basic mental facilities? I feel sorry for them, not to mention the future.

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