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April 2, 2009


Yesterday was my third wedding anniversary. So, Ninsi and I celebrated by overeating. We had reservations for Nick & Sam's. We arrived a little early since traffic to Dallas was light, but our table was already set for us. They had sprinkled rose petals on the table which was the signal that we were on an anniversary.

Ninsi and I ultimately elected to split the 48 oz porterhouse steak. It is prepared bone-in and they slice it and it is nicely presented when they bring it to the table. The thing to note about the porterhouse is that on one side of the bone is the tenderloin fillet, and on the other is the sirloin cut of meat. The sirloin was really, really good, but it just couldn't compare to the tenderloin. Ninsi and I ate our fill, and had them box up the rest of it. Along with the bone, so the dogs could enjoy our anniversary as well.

They also had a chateaubriand that looks excellent. It's also meat for two people. At least. Im not sure if I want that or the 'Flintstone Rib Eye', which is a rib eye on a huge bone. The one thing that we would probably have to pass on again is the Kobe beef. They have both California Kobe and Japanese Kobe. It's sold by the ounce. I think it was $15/oz for the California Kobe, and $32 or so per ounce for the Japanese. I'll have to save up for that.

We have already given our anniversary gifts to each other, so we are fairly well set until next year. The bonus to the fourth anniversary: the traditional gift is fruit or flowers, so I may get off relatively cheap on that one...

April 6, 2009


Today is my birthday. Number 37. I forget that I am that old sometimes. Im fairly sure I dont feel like Im that old.

We had a birthday/anniversary party this weekend. I think it went rather well. I cooked a lot of pork. And a totally sweet cake. I should post pictures.

The party was the last big thing we have planned for a while. Memorial weekend is next month, and I dont think we have much to do between now and then. There are things going on though. Neither Ninsi nor myself has work this Friday, so it's a nice four day week. And her mom is coming down Thursday night for the long weekend. I think we are going to be going to the Ren Faire on Saturday.

Next weekend some friends from college will be in town and there will be party festivities. There's also an Irish band playing that we are going to try to go see. And a Lollie Bomb show as well. I am also in a training class all next week, so won't actually be at work. We have nothing planned for the last weekend of the month, so it might be a good time to try to play poker again. That's the current thinking.

Apparently I talked someone else into being host for that, but she doesn't remember why she agreed. Drinking is bad if it makes you too agreeable. But what is done, is done. Next time, she'll know better. ;)

Im gonna go be awesome for a while now...

April 8, 2009


Not much to say today. It's a really effing nice day outside, and I'd rather be not inside working.

As most people know by now, Grand Prairie has a professional baseball team. It's not a farm team, but part of an independent minor league. The great thing about minor league teams is that they try very hard to entertain the fans. Regardless of the product they put on the field, fans are expected to have fun. (Grand Prairie actually won the Southern division last year in their inaugural year).

What makes it fun? Well, it is pretty cheap and easy to go and is a pleasant way to spend an evening. And they do a lot of promotions to get people into seats. I was just looking through the schedule for the Summer, and was struck by this promotion, which typifies everything that makes minor league great...

Saturday, June 13 - Fireworks/Octomom night

That's just fantastic. I dont even know what it means, but it's funny.
Also, at the end of the season, apparently the Dallas Desire will be playing at the stadium. What is the Dallas Desire?

That would be the women of the Lingerie Football League.

April 20, 2009


I haven't posted anything in a week because I was in training all last week. WAS training, specifically. It was local, so I didn't have to actually travel, just had a bit longer of a commute for the week. Since class started at 9 every day, the drive wasn't very bad. I enjoyed the class, too. It was good. And not working for the week made it like a mini-vacation.

Now I am back at work and have a metric crap-ton of work to do. The Summer is looking like it is going to be very busy for me at work.

We had a fairly busy weekend. Went out to the club Friday night. On Saturday there was a party with old college friends that were in town, and after that Ninsi wanted to go watch the band of a guy she works with. He plays in a traditional Irish group. We went up to Trinity Hall and watched them for a bit.

We don't have a lot coming up over the next couple weeks. I think there are ephemeral plans to go to Scarborough Faire at some point, but that's about it. Should be a fairly relaxing couple of weekends for us until we head up to OK over mom's day weekend.

April 23, 2009


I think it has been three weeks now. I was at Zero's house when I received a call from Ninsi. Three of the neighborhood children had just knocked on the door and basically handed her a puppy. There was some discussion between them and her about it, but in the end, they just gave Ninsi the dog, and left.

It is my suspicion that they found the dog, took it home, were told 'no', by their mother, and then proceeded to knock on doors until they found a sucker to take it. They didnt have to look very long.

Turns out though, he was a good dog. At least seems to be well-mannered for a puppy. We have decided to keep him, and named him Toby. He's going to be a little smaller than I generally like my dogs, but that's fine. He is probably a mutt. I think that he has border collie or australian shepherd in him, but the tail is not right for either of those.

Since we were planning to get a new dog this Summer anyway, the addition of Toby isn't a real problem for us. And he and Barley play together a lot, which entertains both of them. We were afraid that the bigger dogs might try to eat him, but I since Toby is a puppy, they are more tolerant.

Im still hoping he's mixed with a bigger dog and can get above 50 lbs, but I expect him to top out at abotu 40.

April 28, 2009


Over the past couple weeks, Ninsi and I noticed a small puddle of water at the base of the refrigerator. And the bottom of the freezer side was completely iced. I initially thought that something was leaking where it shouldn't be. And Im still not sure that isn't the case. But yesterday, I realized that the drain in the bottom of the freezer side was actually full of water.

It is designed to drain into the bottom of the icebox and presumably evaporate from there because of it's proximity to a hot motor. But something was preventing proper drainage and so it was running out the front slowly. Mostly, it was icing up the bottom. Yesterday evening I pulled the fridge out and managed to pull out the PVC that served as a drain. All it does it redirect the water to the bottom of the fridge, as I said.

Somehow, it had become clogged. Im not sure what was in it. But it took me about 10 minutes to fully unclog it. Dog hair? Dust? It was grey, whatever it was. It now drains properly. What I dont know though, is how much is supposed to actually drain?

Im afraid I had two separate issues. Once being a clogged drain, the other being excess moisture. But I couldn't find any actual leaks, so I will get to spend the next couple weeks being vigilant towards the refrigerator to make sure that it doesn't start leaking from the bottom.

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