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Today is my birthday. Number 37. I forget that I am that old sometimes. Im fairly sure I dont feel like Im that old.

We had a birthday/anniversary party this weekend. I think it went rather well. I cooked a lot of pork. And a totally sweet cake. I should post pictures.

The party was the last big thing we have planned for a while. Memorial weekend is next month, and I dont think we have much to do between now and then. There are things going on though. Neither Ninsi nor myself has work this Friday, so it's a nice four day week. And her mom is coming down Thursday night for the long weekend. I think we are going to be going to the Ren Faire on Saturday.

Next weekend some friends from college will be in town and there will be party festivities. There's also an Irish band playing that we are going to try to go see. And a Lollie Bomb show as well. I am also in a training class all next week, so won't actually be at work. We have nothing planned for the last weekend of the month, so it might be a good time to try to play poker again. That's the current thinking.

Apparently I talked someone else into being host for that, but she doesn't remember why she agreed. Drinking is bad if it makes you too agreeable. But what is done, is done. Next time, she'll know better. ;)

Im gonna go be awesome for a while now...

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