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Over the past couple weeks, Ninsi and I noticed a small puddle of water at the base of the refrigerator. And the bottom of the freezer side was completely iced. I initially thought that something was leaking where it shouldn't be. And Im still not sure that isn't the case. But yesterday, I realized that the drain in the bottom of the freezer side was actually full of water.

It is designed to drain into the bottom of the icebox and presumably evaporate from there because of it's proximity to a hot motor. But something was preventing proper drainage and so it was running out the front slowly. Mostly, it was icing up the bottom. Yesterday evening I pulled the fridge out and managed to pull out the PVC that served as a drain. All it does it redirect the water to the bottom of the fridge, as I said.

Somehow, it had become clogged. Im not sure what was in it. But it took me about 10 minutes to fully unclog it. Dog hair? Dust? It was grey, whatever it was. It now drains properly. What I dont know though, is how much is supposed to actually drain?

Im afraid I had two separate issues. Once being a clogged drain, the other being excess moisture. But I couldn't find any actual leaks, so I will get to spend the next couple weeks being vigilant towards the refrigerator to make sure that it doesn't start leaking from the bottom.

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