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I haven't posted anything in a week because I was in training all last week. WAS training, specifically. It was local, so I didn't have to actually travel, just had a bit longer of a commute for the week. Since class started at 9 every day, the drive wasn't very bad. I enjoyed the class, too. It was good. And not working for the week made it like a mini-vacation.

Now I am back at work and have a metric crap-ton of work to do. The Summer is looking like it is going to be very busy for me at work.

We had a fairly busy weekend. Went out to the club Friday night. On Saturday there was a party with old college friends that were in town, and after that Ninsi wanted to go watch the band of a guy she works with. He plays in a traditional Irish group. We went up to Trinity Hall and watched them for a bit.

We don't have a lot coming up over the next couple weeks. I think there are ephemeral plans to go to Scarborough Faire at some point, but that's about it. Should be a fairly relaxing couple of weekends for us until we head up to OK over mom's day weekend.

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