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Yesterday was my third wedding anniversary. So, Ninsi and I celebrated by overeating. We had reservations for Nick & Sam's. We arrived a little early since traffic to Dallas was light, but our table was already set for us. They had sprinkled rose petals on the table which was the signal that we were on an anniversary.

Ninsi and I ultimately elected to split the 48 oz porterhouse steak. It is prepared bone-in and they slice it and it is nicely presented when they bring it to the table. The thing to note about the porterhouse is that on one side of the bone is the tenderloin fillet, and on the other is the sirloin cut of meat. The sirloin was really, really good, but it just couldn't compare to the tenderloin. Ninsi and I ate our fill, and had them box up the rest of it. Along with the bone, so the dogs could enjoy our anniversary as well.

They also had a chateaubriand that looks excellent. It's also meat for two people. At least. Im not sure if I want that or the 'Flintstone Rib Eye', which is a rib eye on a huge bone. The one thing that we would probably have to pass on again is the Kobe beef. They have both California Kobe and Japanese Kobe. It's sold by the ounce. I think it was $15/oz for the California Kobe, and $32 or so per ounce for the Japanese. I'll have to save up for that.

We have already given our anniversary gifts to each other, so we are fairly well set until next year. The bonus to the fourth anniversary: the traditional gift is fruit or flowers, so I may get off relatively cheap on that one...

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