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I think it has been three weeks now. I was at Zero's house when I received a call from Ninsi. Three of the neighborhood children had just knocked on the door and basically handed her a puppy. There was some discussion between them and her about it, but in the end, they just gave Ninsi the dog, and left.

It is my suspicion that they found the dog, took it home, were told 'no', by their mother, and then proceeded to knock on doors until they found a sucker to take it. They didnt have to look very long.

Turns out though, he was a good dog. At least seems to be well-mannered for a puppy. We have decided to keep him, and named him Toby. He's going to be a little smaller than I generally like my dogs, but that's fine. He is probably a mutt. I think that he has border collie or australian shepherd in him, but the tail is not right for either of those.

Since we were planning to get a new dog this Summer anyway, the addition of Toby isn't a real problem for us. And he and Barley play together a lot, which entertains both of them. We were afraid that the bigger dogs might try to eat him, but I since Toby is a puppy, they are more tolerant.

Im still hoping he's mixed with a bigger dog and can get above 50 lbs, but I expect him to top out at abotu 40.

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