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Got a call from the Squid last night. She is coming down for pretty much the whole Summer this year, and wants to get a job. Totally all for that, am I. The problem is her age. At only 15, not very many places will be willing to hire her. And of course, there are not a great lot of jobs to be had since the economy is in the crapper.

But I am going to see what I can do. I have about a month. It would serve a two-fold purpose.
1) She would get some extra spending money
2) She wouldn't be stuck at the house all day all Summer.

Got some free tickets tot he Rangers game on Sunday. We'll be in foul ball territory and ESPN will be showing the game. Will I be on TV? doubtful. Unless I get beaned by a ball because Im not watching the game. Do I want to be on TV? Definitely not.

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ryan :

find a golf course

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