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It is Mother's Day weekend. Ninsi and I are each going to Oklahoma this weekend to visit with our respective families. She is flying to Tulsa this evening, and I am leaving work early to make the drive to McAlester. It works out a lot better for us this way. I'll meet her Sunday, and she'll do the drive back down with me.

Last weekend we went to the Ren Faire. Looks like we will be doing it again in two weeks. That's more faireing that I would normally have hoped to accomplish in 3 years. I might try to find a belt this time. I reckon I could use a new one.

Going to a fish fry tomorrow. Haven't been to one of those in eons. Should be fun. I've always been a fan of (eating) fish. Not sure what the Squid will be eating tomorrow since she is vegetarian now. Im not sure there'll be a whole lot outside of the fish to eat.

It should be a relatively relaxing weekend for Luna and Barley as well. Toby is staying with Zero, so the big dogs wont have to worry about the puppy all weekend. We'll just have to pick him back up late Sunday when we return. Hopefully, if he decides to make a mess in their house, he will do it on the carpet they are about to replace...

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