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June 17, 2009


I had thought that while I was not blogging that I might take the time to redesign the whole site. Obviously I did not do that. I still will, someday. But it is pretty low on the priority pole.

I'm also not going to worry about trying to write multiple times per week. Once a week will be the goal. Maybe more if it happens, but no point to forcing it. My friends that blog barely do it on a monthly basis, so there isn't exactly a lot of pressure to do it often.

Not even sure how long it has been since I last wrote. But I do know that not much has happened/changed since then. A few quick hits:

- The Squid has moved in. At least for the Summer. Maybe longer.
- Cat number Four was terminated, with extreme prejudice, by the dogs.
- Back fence has been rebuilt and looks spiffy.
- Work is status quo
- Ninsi's work stinks. Literally.
- Got a PS3 and it is purty.
- Have begun cleaning the office out.

I think I need to build a media server for pictures and music. Possibly video. And also to serve as a backup system for any other computers we have. But I will need to go buy the bits and start from scratch. I got out the old PCs that were in the closet last night to see what they had on them and if they would be viable, and the answer is mostly 'no.' One of them could *maybe* be made to work, but the old PII processor really isn't beefy enough.

I really wanted to get them out just to make sure there was nothing on them that I wanted to keep before I dispose of them properly. Im not sure exactly when or how I will trash them, but I will. Probably the next time that GP has a day for such items.

Last night we took the kidling to her first professional baseball game. It was a GP Air Hogs game, but they are a professional team. Just not major league. I think she rather enjoyed it. In about a week and a half, we are going to a Texas Ranger's game, so she will be able to contrast and compare the differences.

I reckon I have been gone from here for a few weeks, but I am still awesome. So there.

June 19, 2009

Old Smell

I had lunch the other day at Taco Bueno, as I do every now and then. As soon as I sat down and started eating, I noticed a rank smell. It took no time to identify the odor as coming from the old woman in a wheel chair at the next table. She just smelled 'old.' Like that nasty smell you get in nursing homes sometimes. Not antiseptic, exactly, but old. Death, even.

Im sure I wasnt the only one that noticed it, but there wasn't exactly anything I could do about it. Most of the tables in the restaurant were taken, and it would have been really obvious had I just got up and moved to what empty tables there were. The woman, and the people with her, left maybe a minute after I sat down. So I hoped that the smell would dissipate quickly.

The nose normally adapts to new aromas very quickly, and I expected that with her gone, the scent would go too. But it lingered. I think it clung to my clothes. The only time I could not smell the stench was when I was taking a drink of Dr Pepper and my nose was buried in my cup.

It wasn't the old woman's fault, by any means. But I hope, that should I ever get so old and feeble that the Squid has to push me around, that she will at least douse me with cologne or body spray so that I dont cause near retching everywhere we go.

June 25, 2009


Tonight is Shakespeare in the Park night. An annual tradition for Ninsi and I. It is the unofficial anniversary of our first date, the second time around. Tonight we are seeing The Merry Wives of Windsor, one of the bard's 'weaker' plays. But, there's about a dozen of us all going together, so we'll enjoy it anyway.

Since we have a large group, we were able to give them a group name. We are, apparently, the "Friends of Frogmore." I was an advocate of Special Patrol Group, myself, but I didnt make the reservations.

The weather today was forecast to reach 107 degrees. There's no way that isn't hot. If this continues, August will be completely unbearable, and we're going to have electric bills that could bankrupt us. We could probably have some work done in the attic to make the system more efficient, but that would cost us more than the electric bill. But would pay for itself over time. So I'll have to look into that soon.

Making a brief trip to OK this weekend to pick up the Squid's cousin. She'll be coming down for a couple weeks and they can keep each other company. Having two teenage girls in the house should be no end of fun. joy joy.

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