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Tonight is Shakespeare in the Park night. An annual tradition for Ninsi and I. It is the unofficial anniversary of our first date, the second time around. Tonight we are seeing The Merry Wives of Windsor, one of the bard's 'weaker' plays. But, there's about a dozen of us all going together, so we'll enjoy it anyway.

Since we have a large group, we were able to give them a group name. We are, apparently, the "Friends of Frogmore." I was an advocate of Special Patrol Group, myself, but I didnt make the reservations.

The weather today was forecast to reach 107 degrees. There's no way that isn't hot. If this continues, August will be completely unbearable, and we're going to have electric bills that could bankrupt us. We could probably have some work done in the attic to make the system more efficient, but that would cost us more than the electric bill. But would pay for itself over time. So I'll have to look into that soon.

Making a brief trip to OK this weekend to pick up the Squid's cousin. She'll be coming down for a couple weeks and they can keep each other company. Having two teenage girls in the house should be no end of fun. joy joy.

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