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Baby steps

Ive been staring at code all day. It's really all Ive been doing for the past couple of weeks. Five or six hours a day staring at the same dozen files or so for a work project. I was hoping to get this project wrapped up by the end of July, but that's not going to happen.

Cooking our annual Christmas in July dinner this weekend. We'll have quite a few more people this year than we have in years past. Too many to sit around the tables. So it will be buffet style. The turkey is already thawing in the fridge. Probably get a small ham to augment. I have no idea where everyone will sit, but Im not terribly worried about it. We're all friends, and I trust it will work itself out just fine.

This will be the first year of attendance for the Squid. There will be a few other smaller kids as well this year. We'll probably rent a few movies and send the youngsters off to the Squid's room for the evening after we finish the dirty santa activities.

The Summer is about half over, and it has been bloody hot. And probably hotter still to get. On the bright side, it looks like the kidling may be moving in and starting school here for the fall. There is still a whole lot to work out there, but it's a high probability at this point. I should know more on that this weekend, and will be sure to note any changes next time I blog. Probably sometime next week.

gobble gobble

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