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Our Nation's birthday is again upon us. Fireworks, hamburgers, and horse racing. That's the plan for the weekend. In the meantime, I believe that we are daily losing more of our freedoms and independence.

I try to remain non-political here, but I do believe that both of the major parties are slowly taking away our liberties. The Democrats are creating large government with too much oversight and the Republicans want everyone to fit into the same cookie cutter mold.

After the Squid graduates from college, Ninsi and I may consider a move to overseas. Though, honestly, I dont believe anywhere is any better than here. It's just stupid all over.

It's also incredibly freaking hot this Summer. We've already topped 105 and that was before July. Im not ready for that kind of heat for the next 2 months. I may have to take a 2nd job to just pay the electric bill for the Summer.

Stupid heat.

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While I for one agree with you, being a Libertarian myself, I can tell you its much much worse overseas. In Europe, most of your personal rights are "implied" not guaranteed. In the UK, you can be put in jail for 48 hours for no other reason than the government wants to lock you up. Oddly, most free county in Europe, France, and who wants to live there?

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