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The big dogs got into a bit of row the other night. Not sure exactly what set them off, but I pulled Barley off Luna and took him outside so they could calm down. Luna had some blood on her fur, but was not obviously injured anyway, so I went to check and see if somehow Barley was bleeding.

I opened his mouth and he was bleeding from his gums right near the front. Something jagged was stuck there, but I couldn't tell if it was a large splinter from him chewing through the fence, or a broken, decayed tooth.

Either way, we decided it had to come out. I put on a heavy shirt and some gloves so I could hold him down and Ninsi got the needle-nose pliers. Barley didnt even struggle while she made two attempts and then just pulled it out. As soon as it was out, he started running around the yard like a happy dog. Turns out it was a tooth. He had apparently managed to break it at some point and it was completely rotted. I suppose it was causing him a lot of pain in general, and suddenly having it out was a big relief.

I imagine it has been bothering him for weeks. Stupid dog doesn't let us know when he's in pain. Im glad we didnt take him to the vet. It was too easy for whatever that bill would have cost, since Im sure they would have sedated him. Now, all we gotta do is keep an eye on it to make sure it doesnt get infected.

Stupid dogs.

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