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August 3, 2009

Two weekends

I mean to post more often than this. I just get distracted.

Last weekend was our 5th annual Turkey in July party. We had a houseful of folk, and a metric ton of food. Everyone had a grand time, I think. Im amazed that we have managed to do it for five years running. I dont think anyone has actually made it to all five, excluding Ninsi and I. The only downside is the cleanup. And finding turkey carcass in the oven four days later. That was unpleasant.

The day after the party, we went to see the latest Harry Potter movie. Then drove to OK. The Squid wishes to start school here for the Fall semester, so we ran her back up to her mom so they could spend the rest of the Summer together. School starts in Dewey a week from today. But not here for three more weeks. It isn't a done deal yet, and we are still trying to make it all happen.

A few weeks ago, we had planned a family weekend to San Antonio. Neither the Squid nor myself had ever been there. We went on Priceline.com and found a hotel and had to go ahead and pay for it. We still had the hotel reserved even though the Squid was in OK, so Ninsi and I drove down to SAT ourselves on Friday and just made it a weekend getaway for ourselves. Did the Riverwalk thing and the Alamo thing, which was plenty for the two of us. Maybe someday we'll try again as a family thing and go to SeaWorld. Im not sure SAT has too much to offer outside of all that.

Possible trip up to OK this weekend. I'm bout tired of all this driving.

August 12, 2009


I have an account on most of the major social networking sites out there. Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, etc. I dont spend a whole lot of time on them. Much less than I used to, but I do find myself refreshing it throughout the day.

That being the case, I have decided to detach myself from the social networks for a while. Probably just for a couple weeks. I have a lot of things that have to get done at work, and dont need the distraction.

The blog doesn't really count. It's media. But it's not a network. Not much of one, anyway.

Little else going on these days. Slowly working on rebuilding the railing around the deck. Im going to take a few months to get that done because it's going to cost more than I had originally anticipated. It'll get done. Just slowly.

A week from tomorrow, the Squid will be in town permanently to start school. She will be a sophomore and start school on the 24th. It will be a fairly significant change for everyone involved. Especially her; going from a small, rural town and less than 90 classmates, to a major metroplex. and a class numbering in the thousands.

She'll be fine. I wont be, as she will be starting to drive in just another month or so.

August 20, 2009


I have a great disdain for Starbucks. I'm not sure exactly why. Normally, if Im driving, and someone is needing to turn across a lot of traffic that is backing up at a light, I will stop and leave plenty of room for them to cut through. But if they are trying to get into, or out of, a Starbucks, I will roll on up to the car in front of me. But not get too close, because I dont want to leave enough room for the other person to get in or out of the Starbucks.

I think it started in FL with my old roommate. She was always drinking venti somethings. Annoyed the piss out of me.

In other news, today the Squid is officially moving in to live with us. Like, permanently. It was her decision, and we support it completely. It will be a change for all of us. Mainly in suddenly having instant teenage girl living in the house. I'm taking off early today, and all day tomorrow in order to get everything taken care of for the start of school in just four days. She needs at least one immunization shot and we have to get her enrolled. She claims to need to go school shopping. Im telling her that since she is moving to a new school, in a new city, in a new freakin' state, that all her clothes will be new to all the kids at school. Shopping for new stuff is by no means a necessity at this point.

Plus, it is tax-free weekend in Texas this weekend, and there is no way I will mess with those crowds. Id rather pay the tax that fight everyone else. That $10-15 savings is just not with the hassle.

Dragcon - T minus 2 weeks

August 25, 2009

School Daze

The Squid started school yesterday as a sophomore. Most of her classes are AP. But she's in a regular English class and came home saying most of the other kids in there seemed dumb. Including the one person with whom she has more than one class. They call him 'Turtle' because he is slow. I told her to talk to someone today about trying to move into AP English, if it will work with her schedule. The only reason she isn't in that class is that she did not have the list of books to read over the Summer.

There is a total of 10 kids in her Latin class. And that class is Latin I, II, and III. She may be the only one in the class at all by the time she's a Senior.

Ninsi also started her new class yesterday. Which leaves me as the only one in the fam not currently in school. Maybe I should teach myself something new. Though, I am learning to build deck railing, so that should count for something.

DCon = T minus 9

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