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I have a great disdain for Starbucks. I'm not sure exactly why. Normally, if Im driving, and someone is needing to turn across a lot of traffic that is backing up at a light, I will stop and leave plenty of room for them to cut through. But if they are trying to get into, or out of, a Starbucks, I will roll on up to the car in front of me. But not get too close, because I dont want to leave enough room for the other person to get in or out of the Starbucks.

I think it started in FL with my old roommate. She was always drinking venti somethings. Annoyed the piss out of me.

In other news, today the Squid is officially moving in to live with us. Like, permanently. It was her decision, and we support it completely. It will be a change for all of us. Mainly in suddenly having instant teenage girl living in the house. I'm taking off early today, and all day tomorrow in order to get everything taken care of for the start of school in just four days. She needs at least one immunization shot and we have to get her enrolled. She claims to need to go school shopping. Im telling her that since she is moving to a new school, in a new city, in a new freakin' state, that all her clothes will be new to all the kids at school. Shopping for new stuff is by no means a necessity at this point.

Plus, it is tax-free weekend in Texas this weekend, and there is no way I will mess with those crowds. Id rather pay the tax that fight everyone else. That $10-15 savings is just not with the hassle.

Dragcon - T minus 2 weeks

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