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School Daze

The Squid started school yesterday as a sophomore. Most of her classes are AP. But she's in a regular English class and came home saying most of the other kids in there seemed dumb. Including the one person with whom she has more than one class. They call him 'Turtle' because he is slow. I told her to talk to someone today about trying to move into AP English, if it will work with her schedule. The only reason she isn't in that class is that she did not have the list of books to read over the Summer.

There is a total of 10 kids in her Latin class. And that class is Latin I, II, and III. She may be the only one in the class at all by the time she's a Senior.

Ninsi also started her new class yesterday. Which leaves me as the only one in the fam not currently in school. Maybe I should teach myself something new. Though, I am learning to build deck railing, so that should count for something.

DCon = T minus 9

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