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A week ago today was our first softball outing. We had a fantastic first inning. Then pretty much fell apart after that. We lost, 10-12, but that's okay. The team as a whole learned a lot. We learned so much that we have already secured our first victory! We are now 1-1. Granted, that victory comes from the team that pulled out of the league, so we won the forfeiture, but it still counts.

Our next game is tonight at 6:30. Should be nice and muggy since the rain came through today.

I learned at noon today that I will have to take the last two weeks of the year off work. They are furloughing all contractors for the final two weeks of the year to save money. I was planning to take the last week off as vacation anyway, so the furlough itself is not to big a deal. The bigger issue is how many more places are they going to try to cut?

The Squid is running for student council President. I told her that maybe she was aiming a bit high since she's new to the school and would be running against Juniors. Maybe she should try for a different position. She said she didn't care about winning, just wanted to beat a specific other girl. Maybe not the best excuse, but whatever.

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