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Yesterday, the squid took the written test for her driving permit. 'Written' is perhaps not the right word. It was done on a computer with a touch screen. I had to take the test on a piece of paper, but I doubt that has been done much in the past two decades.

She has been learning to drive at home, under my tutelage. So far, so good. She passed the written test, so now we can begin the actual driving portion of the learning. It's a regimented program that we are following, and I intend to follow the book pretty closely.

I took the morning off to go to the doctor this morning for a check-up. Had not been in a couple of years, so figured it was about time. Pretty much a routine physical. Turn, cough. They took some blood. I don't know if it is my doctor, or Texas, or what, but the nurse and then my doc asked when my last tetanus shot had been. If it has been so long you don't remember, they will give you a booster. They are apparently trying to get all the adults immunized as they come in. So, I also got a shot in the arm this morning after they took the blood.

They also took my picture as part of their new system. The whole thing is managed in a database now. It was all installed about two weeks ago, and they are still getting used to it. Which is probably why I was there for about two hours even though I was the second person in the door.

I suppose the tetanus shot was a good idea, as I have a propensity to walk around barefoot a lot.

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