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The Squid came home the other night with something that she had only heard about in rumors and stories. To her, it was a myth of the mightiest proportions. She had, for the first time in her life, received a Certificate of Perfect Attendance at school. It was for not missing a day in the first six weeks of class. We were all very excited by it, and last night I took her for a celebratory dinner at her new favorite place to eat - Souper Salad.

This was really a pretty big deal, since she normally misses 8-9 days per semester. Of course, the streak is now in jeopardy, since I received a text from her this morning and she thinks she is getting ill. Still, it's quite the accomplishment for her.

I think I will frame the certificate. :)

Halloween is this weekend. There's almost too much going on to know what to do. I'm sure we will manage to manage. After this weekend, we're done til Thanksgiving. And that signals the start of the end of year 'no time to do anything' season.

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