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Rain Out

In theory, I am on a softball team. I have been on this increasingly mythical team for over a month now. In that time, however, we have played a total of one game. Ninsi is on two softball teams, and has managed to play a total of three games, I think.

The requirements for a rain-out are to lax, in my opinion. It wasn't raining last night until late, and last week it did not rain after about noon. At the rate we are going, we will be playing into December. We already have games through the middle of November. We haven't even been able to have a practice because of the rain. Going to try again this Sunday though.

Not a whole lot else going on. The college football season is shaping up quite poorly. I have a little more hope for the pro level. I don't think Washington is going to manage to do anything this year, but that isn't unusual.

The Squid will be getting her driving permit as soon as she finishes reading the handbook. Probably one day next week. Then I'll start the real meat of her driving lessons. I'm not really looking forward to that. Sixteen is way to young for a person to start driving on their own. I have come to this conclusion slowly, over the last 15.5 years.

NASA did slam a satellite into the moon last night. At least we have that going for us, because it is pretty freaking awesome.

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