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March 9, 2007


I chew Trident Cinnamon gum, generally. The past few months, however, it has been fairly scarce on the shelves. To the point where I was having to buy other flavors because it has been several weeks since I saw a package of basic Cinnamon. So, I did what I had to do, and wrote a letter to the makers of Trident: Cadbury Scheppes.

I got this back today:
"We apologize for the difficulty you are having locating Trident.

We have had problems keeping up with the unprecedented levels of demand and to solve this issue, we added production capacity. In order to increase production of our more popular flavors we have also temporarily suspended production of Crystal Frost and Cinnamon in the EZ Close-Pack. We encourage you to shop for Crystal Frost and Cinnamon flavors in the multi-pack bags. In the coming months, you should see higher levels of supply every month since we have now expanded capacity."

So there's what? A motherfucking run on Trident these days? wtf?

April 25, 2007


I have tomatoes!

At last count, which was last night during the rainstorm, I have two. One is about the size of my pinky nail, the other is about the size of a gold dollar. I bet that I may have more than two by the end of today. I might even have a pepper!

I never did buy those Ghost Pepper seeds that I sort of wanted. No one to blame but myself for that. But at $.50 per seed, I dont know that I was ready for that committment. I do need to get the camera out on the balcony and take a picture of the plants as they are right now. Maybe keep a small photojournal of the unside down garden. If it works well this year, then I might get another one for next year. That is a long way off though.

The balcony does smell like tomatoes.

January 25, 2008


The house smelled really good this morning when I woke up. It smelled of chili.
I started a pot last night before bed and it slow cooked all night. And I was sorely tempted to have some for breakfast. I also slept better last night than I have in weeks. I bet the soothing smell of the chili made that happen too.

Chili is like a wonder drug.

On my way to lunch today, I saw one of those people standing on the corner dressed up like the Statue of Liberty. They were trying to get people to come in for taxes. You see them everywhere. Sometimes for taxes, sometimes for pizza, a lot of times for Halloween stores. This one only stood out because she was talking to an even bigger Statue of Liberty. Like nine feet tall. The second one was in a full on mascot outfit. The first just had on a costume.

I dont know if they were discussing their trade, strategizing better tactics, or possible they were from different tax stores and were about to throw down to see who would retain that particular corner. It was a little odd looking though.

On my way back from lunch, only the larger of the two remained.

mmmm, chili for dinner.

July 11, 2008

Fail - see: Epic

Im a cool guy. Ninja coo. All of the time. Except for some of the time, when I'm not quite. One of those instances happened last night.

I made pizza. I've done it before, I'll do it again.
All was going well. I had cooked my sausage, and pre-cooked my crust and the pizza itself was actually done and on my plate.

I grabbed the crushed Red Pepper from the cabinet, took off the lid, and began it shake some out on my pizza. Instead of shake out, it came out in a pour. And it wasn't red pepper. It was Cinnamon.

Yes, I had just covered one piece of pizza in cinnamon. Im not sure why it was in the spot where i was expecting pepper.

Undeterred, I put the cinnamon up, and grabbed the crushed Red Pepper, took off the lid, and began to shake it out on top of the cinnamon. Instead of shaking out, it came out in a pour. And it wasn't crushed red pepper. It was ground Cayenne pepper.

So, not only did I fail twice to put Crushed Red Pepper on my pizza but it was now super-hot and super-cinnamonny. About the time I finished cursing myself out for this Fail, I heard a piercing scream behind me that did not stop. Ninsi was hopping around on one foot because she had dropped a piece of steaming hot pizza cheese on her toe and it was apparently eating through her flesh. Once she finished screaming, she even said she probably should have kicked it off her foot sooner.

What happened to the cinnamon pizza? I ate it. I felt it was proper punishment for such a huge fail. I wont say it was good, I will say it was full of taste.

October 8, 2008

Chili ponderings

Ninsi's work is having a chili cook-off in a couple weeks. She sent me an email about it, asking if I wanted to enter. I like my chili. I think it is quite good.

It is not, however, competition ready.

But for the last hour, I have not been able to really get any work done, because Im trying to figure how to adjust my chili to fare better against others. It definitely can not be as soupy as I like it. That's easy enough to adjust. And I have to remember where I am, and what my target audience is. Namely, Im in Texas, so I can't put any beans into the chili. I like beans, so I use them. But it's a sure-fire way to not win a Texas chili contest.

I still don't know what Im going to do yet. Ninsi has told me to not worry about it, and just not do it. I'm not sure I can do that either though. So, tonight on the way home, Im stopping at the grocery store to pick up some things. I have a couple weeks, but next weekend is already shot. I think I will make two trial runs. And if one of those comes out well, I may enter it.

All I know for the moment though is that chili will be made. Oh yes, there will be chili...

January 21, 2009


There is apparently a Buffalo wing crisis building. A poultry farm in Texas has declared bankruptcy, putting a dent in chicken wing production. Coupled with the increased demand for wings, and created a shortage of wings in some places. Prices have more than doubled in some cases.

I understand it is largely an issue of supply and demand. Ive seen the prices on wings at the place I eat them go up significantly. It has gone up enough that I dont eat them as much. I watched the video on And they explained everything i listed in the first paragraph. However, one clip they showed was of a severely overweight woman stuffing her piehole with wings. It wasn't said, but I think I agree with the implied sentiment that if that woman would stop hoarding all the wings, we wouldn't be having a wing crisis...

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